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The official movie trailer to ‘The Informer’ (Three Seconds) released

The Informer is the movie adaptation of Roslund and Hellström’s bestselling novel Three Seconds and it is set to premiere internationally in March next year.
The Informer, produced by Thunder Road Pictures (The Town, Sicario, John Wick), is directed by Andrea Di Stefano (Escobar: Paradise Lost) and written by Matt Cook (Patriots Day). The cast stars Joel Kinnaman (The Killing, Suicide Squad), Rosamund Pike (Gone Girl, Jack Reacher), Clive Owen (Closer, Children of Men, Sin City), Common (Selma, Suicide Squad) and Ana de Armas (Blade Runner 2049).

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Litteratursiden: “The plot is simply so tightly constructed that the almost 500 pages just fly by”

Tre Minutter, Denmark“The author duo have an unprecedented insight into the criminal world … It’s an extremely successful thriller and a must-read … The mix of facts and fiction works perfectly, andthe plot is simply so tightly constructed that the almost 500 pages just fly by. / Forfatterparret har et unikt indblik i den kriminelle verden … Det er en særdeles vellykket og læseværdig thriller, og det er der mange gode grunde til … Blandingen af fakta og fiktion fungerer optimalt, og handlingen er simpelthen så fermt konstrueret, at bogens tæt ved næsten 500 sider bare flyver af sted.”

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Ewert Grens a popular Detective Superintendent in Land

roslun-hellstrom-300x196“Ewert is the most angry police in Swedish crime fiction, wonderfully unpleasant and brusque, with an unexpected interest. No opera for Ewert. He loves Siw Malmkvist and knows her songs by his heart. He is a typical detective who does not care for his health, works too much and hates his neighbours.”

“Everything is breathtaking in these crime novels. Powerful intrigues and strong feelings. In addition to Stieg Larsson, no one writes with such a social pathos.”

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Politiken: “Breathtaking and very brutal!”

R & H, PolitikenTre Minutter, DenmarkRoslund & Hellström’s Tre Minutter / Three Minutes is reviewed in Politiken:

“Breathtaking and very brutal …Three Minutes is in both writing, style, plot and pace suspenseful on almost all pages … It delivers just the right cocktail of crime and true crime, which aficionados love.”

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