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Ewert Grens a popular Detective Superintendent in Land

roslun-hellstrom-300x196“Ewert is the most angry police in Swedish crime fiction, wonderfully unpleasant and brusque, with an unexpected interest. No opera for Ewert. He loves Siw Malmkvist and knows her songs by his heart. He is a typical detective who does not care for his health, works too much and hates his neighbours.”

“Everything is breathtaking in these crime novels. Powerful intrigues and strong feelings. In addition to Stieg Larsson, no one writes with such a social pathos.”

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Politiken: “Breathtaking and very brutal!”

R & H, PolitikenTre Minutter, DenmarkRoslund & Hellström’s Tre Minutter / Three Minutes is reviewed in Politiken:

“Breathtaking and very brutal …Three Minutes is in both writing, style, plot and pace suspenseful on almost all pages … It delivers just the right cocktail of crime and true crime, which aficionados love.”

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Nordjyske Stiftstidende: “It’s a nail-biting-inducing and suspenseful work!”

Tre Minutter, DenmarkRoslund & Hellström’s Tre Minutter / Three Minutes is reviewed in Nordjyske Stiftstidende:

“Swedish crime novels with their social criticism cruise at a higher gear; they’re harsher, more realistic and grimmer than what Danish crime writers can produce. This is also the case of the writer duo Roslund & Hellström’s Three Minutes, a stand-alone sequel to Three Seconds …It’s a nail-biting-inducing and suspenseful work that’s well tied together and carefully researched, with a wealth of details about weapons, vintage wines, satellite surveillance and what not. At the same time, the writer duo has a good understanding of the complicated political and corrupt situation in Colombia … The plot is also one that you can’t guess ahead of time and as the story develops, it grows increasingly bloody and merciless … It is well-written and credible, and the social criticism goes hand in hand with the depiction of the merciless brutality.”