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Le Télégramme: “A masterpiece!”

Le TelegrammeRoslund & Hellström’s Trois Secondes, Trois Minutes and Roslund’s Trois Heures are reviewed in Le Télégramme:

“An explosive trilogy … A masterpiece! / l’explosive trilogie … Magistral!”

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Preview of ‘The Informer’ in Empire

“IT WAS A DYNAMIC I’d not seen before”, says The Informer’s director Andrea Di Stefano about the movie – adapted from Roslund & Hellström’s Three Seconds. “Enemies are coming from all sides.”

See the official movie trailer to ‘The Informer’ here.

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Télé Z édition TNT: “It’s a master stroke!”

Roslund & Hellström’s Trois Secondes / Three Seconds is reviewed in Télé Z édition TNT:

“Perfectly documented and with events inspired by real crime this is a credible story … And what a biting description of the leaders trapped in their men dreams! It’s a master stroke! / Parfaitement documenté, inspire de faits réels, c’est un polar ter rible par sa crédibilité … Et quelle peinture au vitriol des dirigeants des administrations pris au piège de leurs men songes! C’est un coup de maître!”


Roslund TV Series Viaplay

Four Roslund & Hellström books become TV Series on Viaplay

Viaplay has announced its green-lighting of the small screen adaptation of Roslund & Hellström’s internationally bestselling series about Ewert Grens. The TV series will be produced by Miso Film, and be based on four of Roslund & Hellström’s novels, starting with Box 21 for the first season. The series will premiere on Viaplay in 2020.

Box 21 will be directed by award-winning director Mani Maserrat (Modus, Bad Blood) and produced by Sandra Harms (Modus, 438 Days) and Karl Fredrik Ulfung (438 Days). Screenwriters are Dennis Magnusson (Jordskott, 30 Degrees in February), Stefan Thunberg (Wallander, Hunters 2) and Anders Roslund, author of the books.

The cast stars Leonard Terfelt (The Bridge), Mimosa Willamo (Bodom, Karppi) and Simon J. Berger (Modus, Torka aldrig tårar utan handskar).

Read more here, here and here. Listen to a clip here.

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Trois Secondes, France

Roslund & Hellström shortlisted for Prix du Polar Européen

Roslund & Hellström, liggandeRoslund & Hellström’s Three Seconds have been shortlisted for the Prix du Polar Européen.

The French literary prize Prix du Polar Européen is annually awarded to the best crime or thriller novel by a European author, in translation or in French. The award was launched by the weekly magazine Le Point in 2003.

The award ceremony will take place during the Quais du Polar in Lyon this weekend, an annual crime festival for both literature and film.

Roslund au Festival Quais du polar Lyon

Anders Roslund to Festival Quais du polar in France

Anders Roslund will be at Festival Quais du polar in Lyon for the release of Trois Secondes (Three Seconds) and Trois Minutes (Three Minutes) March 30 – 31.


Trois Secondes, France


Saturday, March 30

16:00 – 18:00: Palais de la Bourse Bookstore Tramway: Signing.

18:30: Palais de la Bourse – Salle Tony Garnier: 

“Le roman d’espionnage, nouveau Bureau des légendes ?”  IS THE SPY NOVEL THE NEW BUREAU?

Thirty years ago, the Berlin wall came down. Along with the wall, the Eastern Block, the Cold War, and a huge piece of the spy novel came down too. Conforming to the financial and trade globalization, intelligence universe also became multilateral, thus redefining the shape of spy novels. Hosted by: Page des Libraires

Sunday, March 31Trois Minutes, France

10.30  – Hôtel de Ville – Salle des Anciennes Archives:

 “Gangsters modernes : du banditisme d’hier aux malfrats d’aujourd’hui”. 


Robbery, fencing, hold up, payback, jail breaking, low-life criminals and brass are still up to date. Modern gangsters have a new face, but their intentions remain the same. What is the evolution of these key figures of crime fiction? Hosted by: Pierre Krause

12:00 – 13:00: Palais de la Bourse – Bookstore Tramway: Signing.

16:00 – 18:00: Palais de la Bourse – Bookstore Tramway: Signing.


Read more here and here.

Roslund au Festival Quais du polar Lyon