Cell 8 selected to The Sunday Times’ 50 Best Thrillers and Crime Novels of the past 5 years

TheSunday Times logo50 Best Thrillers The Sunday TimesThe Sunday Times has selected the 50 Best Thrillers and Crime Novels of the past 5 years – Roslund & Hellströms’ Cell 8 is one of them!

“… The gulf between the United States and Europe could hardly be wider when it comes to capital punishment. The spectacle of convicted criminals spending years on death row in American jails appears cruel and inhuman, and it is just such a tense countdown to an execution in Ohio that provides the starting point for this extraordinary novel by the Swedish crime-writing duo Anders Roslund and Borge Hellstrom… ” “… Roslund is a journalist, and Hellstrom a former convict, and they use this riveting setup to make a passionate case against the death penalty. Barring an improbable element in the plot when the authors’ campaigning instinct gets the better of them, this remarkable novel is taut with suspense to the end…”

Three Seconds *Top 3* on Radio P4 Sörmland

s47342d A literary scholar chooses among the best books Sweden has published in all times,  and then – together with Sjöwall & Wahlöö -Roslund & Hellström’s Three Seconds lay on top.

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To go directly to the section about Three Seconds scans until 4:20 on the Radio P4-page.

*Starred review* in Booklist for Two Soldiers

Two Soldiers received a *starred review* in Booklist.

“… this powerful sixth series entry upholds the high literary standards of
the previous award-winning Grens & Sundkvist novels; jarring dialogue
and alternating first-person narratives offer an unsettling portrait of
the gangland cycle of violence, desperation, and hope. It’s an ugly
yet beautiful story that readers will find themselves immediately buried
in …”

Two Soldiers reviewed in Publishers Weekly

“The harrowing world of juvenile gangs provides the backdrop for Roslund & Hellström’s riveting crime thriller, the fifth featuring Det. Supt. Ewert Grens to be published in the U.S… The ripple effect of an arrest made by Grens almost 20 years earlier propels a large part of the psychologically driven pilot, which reveals how criminal behavior is perpetuated from generation to generation through dysfunctional family conditions. Complex characterizations boost the action.”
- Publishers Weekly

Japanese tribute to Three Seconds

Roslund & Hellström’s Three Seconds received great attention in Honyaku Mystery Taisho Syndicate  - a popular Japanese blog with articles about translated crime novels.
“… a monumental masterpiece…” “…now I feel satisfied with this year just because I’ve been reading Three Seconds…”
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