Roslund interviewed in DN



R&H, Deckarna Roslund

Anders Roslund in an interview about Swedish Television’s Deckarna;
“There are a lot of things going on in the series, but it’s mostly about finding out each other’s motives as a writer, what you want with your writing and I think the series provides a good, and different, answer to that.”
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Two Soldiers reviewed on Booknews

R&H, Booknews, Poland

“… It’s dark, intense and thrilling…” “… it is something that affects the darkest depth of the human soul. And probably that’s why it is so appealing – almost unhealthy appealing…” “… along with the book’s characters I walk the streets of Stockholm , immerse myself into areas where I would never have chosen to explore the city. The creation of the two authors are so refined that I can easily imagine how it would feel if I walked there in reality… “

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Two Soldiers reviewed on Reportal

Dwaj żołnierze, Poland
“… Anders Roslund and Börge Hellström is a fantastic duo… ” “… the two authors create novels about a grim reality… ” “… the books is not only worthy of attention because of its interesting mind-bending mysteries, but also because they raise important issues that are current… ” “… an interesting fact is that in each of their novels, the authors appear to work almost like  journalists by first collecting relevant documentation which makes their books focus on the real problems… ” “… an interesting crime novel, knowledgeable and well-written… ”

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The Beast reviewed on Dzika Banda

The Beast, Poland
“… although the book is written by Scandinavian authors already ten years ago, it is still just as relevant in Poland…” “… this is no light hearted reading with a cool main character drama but poses difficult questions and do not give clear answers…” “… the authors are known for their realism to these events – Roslund is a journalist specializing in social and criminal issues, and Hellstrom is one of the founders of the crime prevention organization KRIS… ”

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Three Seconds reviewed in Jurnalul National

Trei secunde
“… an extraordinarily exciting novel, with a flawless construction. Roslund and Hellström, ‘the new champions of Swedish crime fiction’, has a complex way to tell about organized criminal activity in their country and how to make money on drugs, gunrunning and human trafficking – a scary reality that most people  ignore… ”

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Cell 8 reviewed in Jurnalul National

Răzbunarea lui Finnigan (Cell 8), Romania
“… excellent new descriptions about the last days in prison as sentenced to death… ” “… The two authors write not only exciting thrillers, but has special training in their literary approach… ” “… Roslund och Hellström’s book draws attention to cracks in the justice system…

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